Saddle Fitting FAQ's


What area do you cover?

We offer consultations within a 25 mile radius of CO5. 7LH

Will an ill fitting saddle really affect my horse?


An ill fitting saddle will impair your horse's ability to work correctly, impair muscle growth and could cause your horse and yourself pain and discomfort.

How often should I have my saddle checked?

We recommend a minimum of every 6 months.  For young horses or a new horse, this could be as much as every 6 to 8 weeks.

What happens at the saddle fitting?

The saddler will assess the horse for confirmation.  The horse will need to be led up or lunged to allow the saddler to see how it moves.  Assessment of an existing saddle or selection of new saddles will require the horse to be ridden. A dry hard standing area and an area to ride is preferable but it is not always necessary to have a riding arena.  The horse should ideally be in a fit condition for the saddle fit. There is a distinct difference between assessing the horse for static fit and then its ability to function dynamically (i.e ridden under saddle).

What adjustments can you do on site?

Flocking adjustment of the panel and minor panel adjustments. Saddles will only be flocked once your saddler  has seen the saddle on your horse.  

Strip out and total reflock and other repairs can be performed in the fully equipped workshop.

Do you take Saddles in part exchange?

We are afraid we do not take saddles in part exchange but are happy to take them to sell on a commission basis.

Your saddle will be fully insured whilst with me and the utmost care will be taken with it.